Day 1175

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Up at 6, read a few chapters of Vivaldi's Virgins and went out for coffee with Alice.  I just love being with Alice.  I've never met anyone I love being with as much as her.  She makes me so happy.  We bought groceries on Irving, then came home for a few hours.  We saw Zootopia 3-D at 11:10 in Daly City.

Afterward, we went for Korean food at a local Korean market.  Then we went home where I took a very long, very enjoyable nap.  Alice's parents came over for dinner.  After dinner, we went to the Apple Store and Alice's dad bought a new iPad Air 2.  Very thin and light.  Nice screen!

We came home and watched a documentary on Mike Nichols. 

Later on, we watched an episode of Foyle's War. 

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