Day 1145

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I woke up early to edit more pages of Zombie/Harmony, then went to work until 5:30, then put another two hours in at Varinsky, editing the PowerPoint charts I'd created earlier in the week, and prepared copies for the reports that are going out on Tuesday.  While working, I listened to the lasted GOP debate on Fox.

What a disaster and embarrassment for that political party.  It was a new low in national politics.  The crowd was awful and the gutter-level discourse was so beneath the institution of the presidency.  Trump's shtick had gotten old so that now he just sounds like a con-man and a bully.  How that party can continue with Trump as the inevitable nominee is beyond me.  He is the third most unqualified candidate ever to run for president.  Fortunately for him, the first and second most unqualified GOP candidates are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Instead of a win-win scenario, the GOP is offering a lose-lose-lose scenario, expressed so deplorably in tonight's debate.  It was just horrible and ridiculous.  I truly, truly hope Hillary Clinton wins in November by a major landslide.  The big problem with the GOP is they are utterly incapable of re-inventing themselves.  They are stuck in their own false narrative.  The extremists of that party are so very dangerous.  It's shocking to see history played out like this.  Trump as the nominee...what a farce.  He's nothing more than a grand narcissist and TV entertainer, but he's winning because he's on stage with a certified sociopath and certified empty suit.

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I went home at 9 and after talking with Alice went right to bed.

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