Day 1609

Monday, June 12, 2017

Up at 4 and to the gym at 5.  I felt much better and well-rested.  Glenn and I partnered up this morning and ran the tables on our games...nice!  At work, I finished a few projects from last week and was completely caught up by early afternoon.

After work, I ordered Yang Chow and watched game 5 with Lisa, Sophie, Miles and his girlfriend Maddy.  The Cavs were ahead in the second half and things were looking bleak for a while, until the Cavs eased up on their defense and the Warriors took control of the game.  They had a 13-point run toward the end of the 2nd quarter and in the 3rd were up by as much at 17.  With a healthy 10-point lead throughout most of the 4th, the Warriors coasted to victory and became champions for the second time in three years tonight.  It was nice to see Kevin Durant, series MVP, earn his first NBA championship.

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