Day 1603

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Greg called me at work today, out of the blue.  He's moving out of his current apartment and wanted to know if he should get a new place on a short-term basis, or accept that he and Gwen are truly over and should think long-term about his future.  I was blunt with him.  I told him there was no hope that he and Gwen would ever get back together, and in fact the sooner they both got a divorce the better off everyone would be.  I told him to focus on getting a new house and perhaps think about creating a new life with someone else.  We'll see if he can do that.  We talked about 40 minutes.  He kept saying, "It's so's so sad." It was sad a few years ago, but it's not sad anymore.  It's just reality.  I hope he's able to accept reality.  He needs to.

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